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Dave: Baker Mayfield is among the 5 best Sooners EVER


The creeping crud has infected the Worry Meter’s household, so the following are just some random thoughts this week that stick out between NyQuil induced comas:

Baker Mayfield is among the top five greatest players ever to put on a Sooner jersey.

I would have bet you money that osu drives the field and wins that game after they got a pick with about 2 minutes left.  So as bad as the defense was…they made the stop that counted.

Truer words were never spoken when Mayfield said beating osu is expected.  And half the battle is that deep down the pokes expect it too.

In reference to the last two statements,  I should have bet money that the pokes choke that drive away and lose the game.  It’s just what they do.  The good old poke choke.

I love that Baker called out the fans to bring 2008 Jump Around intensity to this coming Saturday night’s game against the Horned Frogs.  Best defense in the Big 12 against the best offense.  

(TCU) should be a fun game.  Hope we are all Jumping Around at the end of it.

They say defense wins championships.  But Baker and the offense will have something to say about that.  

So the Worry Meter is siting at 75% this week.  I don’t see TCU holding Baker to less than 35 points.  

Hopefully that’s enough for our defense to work with at home.  Should be a fun game.  

Hope we are all Jumping Around at the end of it.  With all that being said….BOOMER!!!  – Dave


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