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The intensity of Lincoln Riley


If the message coming from players is for real, the pre-season camp for the Sooners is even more intense with Lincoln Riley than it was with Bob Stoops.

“It’s definitely a different mentality. It’s a never quit mentality, which we had that with Coach Bob, but it’s one of those things where never quit literally means never quit,” senior safety StevenParker said.

“Somebody could catch the ball 70 yards down the field but our job as a defense is to sprint to the football. We’re sprinting to the ball anywhere and everywhere. I would say that we’re taking that view from all angles. Our offense, if we get a pick, they’re coming to chase us down. It’s one of those things where it’s a never quit mentality and he’s instilled that in us even more.”

After a full week under their belts, the Sooners are beginning to see some of the differences between Riley and Stoops.

“It’s a little bit of an adjustment,” junior offensive lineman Orlando Brown said. “He brings a ton of swagger, ton of energy, ton of juice. Everything he’s preaching is great.”

But goals remain the same.  That’s no more evident than when Kentucky transfer Jeff Badet explains that when he arrived in Norman the goal was definitely the national championship game that will be played this year in Atlanta.

“When I was at Kentucky they were a very different program,” Badet said. “It was like ‘Take these steps and win this game. Ok, now let’s make it to a bowl game.’ Here it’s all championship. That’s all we’re worried about. We’re not worried about this and that. We’re worried about getting to ATL and what we have to do to get to ATL.”

The transfer Badet could make an impact early. He totalled 1,385 yards receiving at Kentucky and scored weven touchdowns.  Badet, a redshirt senior, has just one year of eligibility.

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