Remember that world's largest photograph or some such they said was being taken of the stadium? Here it is:


Cornerback Zack Sanchez had yet another huge interception on Saturday. He's now intercepted five in the last six games. That hasn't meant he is immune from criticism as some fans have questioned his tackling ability. Of course when you're playing with just one arm, the tackling thing can get dicey.

In any event, the Sooners will need Sanchez and the entire secondary playing well this week. The Sooners go to West Virginia, which is 5th in the country in passing, averaging 401 yards passing per game.


10629831_10204582251293598_5217484223012939693_nThat paper mache airplane at halftime had fans more puzzled than anything. The Pride of Oklahoma continues to get attention this year, but not for the right reasons.

Still the fireworks at halftime were unexpectedly fun.


Tennessee fans turned out in good numbers in Norman. By all accounts they were a well-behaved bunch of Vols. We're looking forward to going to Knoxville next year.


DT Kane Snowden leads the crowd to create a loud and hostile Memorial Stadium.

DT Kane Snowden leads the crowd to create a loud and hostile Memorial Stadium.

Redshirt sophomore DT Kane Snowden hasn't gotten much chance to play on the field, but his presence on the sideline was felt. Snowden was directing a loud group of Sooner fans who sit behind the bench.

It worked. The crowd noise clearly made things difficult for the young Vols, many of whom had not played in such a hostile environment.


Hunter’s Top 5 – the best burgers in Norman


On your next trip to Norman for the game check out my Top 5 burger joints in my hometown:

1. The Garage. 307 East Main St. Wide variety of selections. Get the bison burger egg-a-nater and the sweet potato fries. Good stuff.

2. Five Guys. 1401 24th Ave. NW. This is a chain, but you gets your money's worth. Healthy (or not) portions.

3. Sooner Dairy. 1820 W. Main St. A legend in Norman. It's an old fashioned experience.

4. Braum's (four locations). It's just a good burger. Simple. And you get ice cream with it.

5. S&B's Burgers. 102 W. Main St. It's a new place for Norman. Get the fire burger. Jalepenos. Hot stuff.


(Each week Hunter will give us his top 5 of just about anything. Sometimes it might be about football.)



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